CHRISTIANS – IT HAS STARTED! Do not be ignorant! Read the whole impact!

It already passed in one branch and is heading to the second.

EQUALITY ACT demands abortion completely legal.

  1. The church will no longer be able to hire according to the Bible’s criteria. A church couldn’t deny to hire a “pastor” who is an atheist or homosexual. All church & all restrooms will no longer be allowed to segregate to genders. If a church or venue refuses to marry a couple because of orientation or sin, they will be subjected to legal actions.
  2. It encourages SUPPRESSION. It new law elevated the rights and position of the LBGT over the rights of faith. If this passes it prevents churches or businesses to deny services, employment to sexual orientation. Even if it contradicts the Bible.
  3. It will destroy WOMEN’S RIGHTS! Feminists are speaking out strongly against this legislation. Gender will no longer be covered under the civil rights act 1964. Scolarships, grants, small business loans, sports…….can no longer granted because of sex or orientation. Woman & girls will go back in history. “It’s going to erase – not discrimination, but it’s going to erase females; because the sex of female will no longer be protected as a thing that you could claim as a separate category.” DOREEN DENNY.
  4. Affect your children. It is the most invasive step to separate parents and children in the medical field. It demands Doctors to ignore parents wishes in your kids no matter the age transgender operations and blockers if the child requests.


  1. It is a horrible act. Call and write your house and senate representatives to stand against this. IFApray.org has a good article on it and you can just click their action button and it will automatically go to those in power in your state.

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