Have you ever looked at people around you and wished you could do what they could do? Or had that one friend or person in your family that could do EVERYTHING?

I used to look at everyone around me and be so upset that I couldn’t do things the way that they could. I’ve recently been having revelations about who I am and let me tell you…. It is life-changing. Let’s start with saying this: God created you for a reason. If you were meant to be that other person, then God wouldn’t have created you. But guess what…. you’re here and God doesn’t make mistakes. He created you specifically for something in this world that no one else can do. The way that you do things is so unique to you and so important to this world. 

 Jeremiah 1:5 declares, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart.”

 The way you talk, laugh, and love. The way you communicate with people, the way you sing, the way you create art….it is like no other for a reason! So be YOU, because the world needs you. They don’t need two of whoever you’re trying to be! Find your gifts and your talents and stop focusing on everyone else’s! Yours are important to the body of Christ.

 “For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.” James 3:16

This is also important: jealousy disqualifies you! When you are getting jealous of someone, that causes division. (I don’t like to say that word because everyone likes to try to pretend they’re not jealous, but you are. It’s only you and God right now, so let’s be real!) When we are jealous, we tend to do things that are out of our character, such as gossiping, slandering their name or even finding small, bad things about them just so we can feel better about ourselves. It feels good in the moment but it’s so unnecessary. It’s not going to make you better at whatever you’re wanting to be and it’s not going to make them worse at it. So, next time you catch yourself going to say something bad, I want to challenge you to do the opposite! Even about yourself…when you look at others and want what they have, you are disqualifying yourself. You are not a bad person because you’re not good at what they’re good at! You just have your own gifts which no one else can do! So, own them! And love everyone else’s! 

 Lastly, I want to highlight this: unity is so important! Unity is what runs the kingdom of God. The only way that we can accomplish the fullness of God is through unity! The reason we all have our separate strengths is because it’s impossible to run a company, ship or in our case a church without other people.

 “A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.” 1 Corinthians 12:7

 I’m sorry but it would not be a smooth running a very successful church if you were preaching the message, running the sound, running the words on the big screens and sitting in the congregation amening yourself! Every position and strength is important! The enemy will try to come against unity before he will come against anything else. It’s easier for him to get in between people than it is for him to take away your gifts! So, don’t let things cause division between you and the people in your life! (unless it’s a relationship that needs to not be there, but that’s a whole other topic!) 

 Own your gifts and talents and stop focusing on everyone else’s!

Don’t let jealousy in and disqualify you! 

The only way to get the fullness of God is unity! 

Written By:  Coryn Kaytee Spencer


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  1. Praise GOD! Sounds like the purpose drive life! We are purposed and what about us be driven? You are the company you keep, aso let’s keep stepping. We have to remember the journey with GOD, begins one one simple step; so let us get to stepping family! PRAISE GOSin all of His manificents. Bless this word in the day for all to hear and now receive! Blessed this ministriy Father, and all the partakes who are willing in the building, of your kingdom

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