We been discussing the 2 judgments.

The Bema Seat (Judgment Seat) is for the Christians – you will not be judged for your sin (Jesus washed them away), but you will be judged for your words & works.

The White Throne Judgment is for the sinners – at this judgment the sinner’s life will be read from the Book.  It will show choices of the rejection of the blood of Jesus.  The individual’s name will not be written in the Book of Life, and they will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Just a reminder, Hell is the holding tank for the sinners until this judgment.

Here is a description from a man who had a vision of hell (Bill Weise).

The Cell that he was dropped into in the vision.

  1. The cell was 15 ft high / 10 ft wide / 15 ft. deep
  2. Proverbs 7:27 – “Chambers of death in hell”
  3. He had the same looking body as on earth, yet he felt extremely weak.
  4. He realized that he was not alone in the cell, that there were 2 demons, they were 10-13 ft tall.  They smelled like rotten meat or decaying flesh, like sulphur, but intensified to the level of toxicity.  He felt the hatred from these demons, and was paralyzed with fear / and panic.  Each demon had the likeness of a reptile, but with human form, and they were screaming blasphemous language against God and how much they hated Him.
  5. They turned their attention toward him, and he felt trapped, helpless, total fear, defenseless, he wanted to run but there was no strength to run. (Ps. 88:4 –  I am counted with those who go down to the pit;I am like a man who has no strength.)
  6. Two more demons came into the cell, and they all started tormenting him.  Throwing him into the walls.  He was overwhelmed with the sense of physical pain / and it would not go away!  He wanted to die, but death is not an option.  He pleaded for mercy, but there was no mercy.
  7. He dragged himself out of the cell.  The ground was bare, rock, no life, no green, just wasteland.  The screams of tormented massive amounts of people filled his ears.  The screams of terror and pain, the stench of death, no escape, no death could be obtained.  This is for eternity!!

Bill looked to the left, and saw flames that were from a pit about 10 miles away!  It was a RAGING INFERNO!  The heat from this place left him parched, yet there was no way to quench his thirst (Luke 16:23).  The air itself was so thin, gasping for the next breath was an exhausting task.

The pit of flames was becoming more visible, more describable.  When he could understand what was happening he could see the pit filled with people screaming, scratching to escape, as their flesh literally was burning, yet not being consumed.

The fear never ceases!

The pain is never relieved!

There is NO peace!

There is NO hope of freedom!

There is NO rest!

The most painful thoughts that rushed through his mind was realizing he would NEVER see his wife again, and that he could not warn her about this dreadful, horrible, tormenting place.  The thoughts of knowing you will never get out, you will never sleep, you will never have peace, you will never speak to another human.  This is just you, being alone for the rest of eternity!


Please be a SNATCHER TODAY!!!

At least tell them about Jesus, and His love for them.  They will decide for themselves, but give them a chance……..


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